35mm Sevenwall

35mm Sevenwall

Marlon ST is the structured polycarbonate sheet manufactured by Brett Martin. The sheet is characterised by high optical clarity, light transmission, impact resistance and durability. It is available in a range of standard sizes, clear and tinted. Marlon ST Longlife has a co-extruded UV protection layer on one side.

Colours                  Light Transmission

Clear (S)                                 64%
Bronze (B)                                6%
Opal (V)                                  33%
Bronze/Opal                 (B/TU)  7%
Heatguard/Opal         (EG/TU)  4%
Standard sheet sizes * Tolerance
Width: 2100 mm
980mm +/- 4 mm
Length: 6 & 7 m -0, +25 mm
Thickness: 35 mm +/- 0.5 mm

*Non-standard sizes are available subject to minimum order quantities.

Sheet Weight: 3.9 kg/m2

U-value: 1.2 W/m2ºK

Service Temperature

Marlon ST can be installed in a diversity of applications, with varying temperatures. The material's mechanical performance is known to remain stable in prolonged service in temperatures ranging from –40 to +100 ºC. 


Applications of Marlon ST must make adequate allowance for thermal movement, nominally 3.5 mm per metre. 35mm structured sheet is not recommended for curved applications.

Cane and Conservatory Furniture

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