Why Aluminium - not PVC?

Aluminium doors may be a more expensive option than PVC, but if properly maintained they will last a lifetime.

Our doors are specifically designed for their intended use and will be a stunning addition to any property. If you are investing in a set of bi-fold doors for your home, ensure that you choose a product that is fit for purpose and will truly add value.

Our aluminium doors are weather rated (tested to BS6375: Part 1 Weather Tightness Classification: Air Permeability Class 'C' Water Tightness 300pa Wind Resistance 1800pa). PVC bi-fold doors are not weather rated and are primarily designed for internal use.

Aluminium profiles are more rigid and robust - much less susceptible to expansion / contraction and general wear and tear.

PVC doors are well known to expand with heat which can lead to the doors jamming and being unable to operate (especially dark colours).

The aluminium profiles and components we use at Ayrshire Agencies are specifically designed for Bi-folding doors. PVC profiles are designed for use in french doors and components for use in tilt and turn windows.

For more information about our Aluminium Bi-folding doors contact us, send an enquiry or visit our showroom in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

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