Roof Lighting
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Available for any type of roof and for any home, rooflights help to better illuminate your household while adding an extra stylish appeal to your roof.     

Ayrshire Agencies design and manufacture a range of rooflights, including fully bespoke designs, to enhance your home and welcome in more natural light. Engineered using the best of materials, we guarantee long-lasting durability.

Our Rooflights

  • Bespoke Designs
  • Increase levels of natural light in your home
  • Add value to your property
  • Enhance the look of your roof and home
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Engineered to ensure energy-efficiency
  • Can be designed to match your doors/windows

Designed To Match

Each and every one of our products achieves the highest possible standards of energy-efficiency and can be designed to match your other aluminium glazed products such as your doors and windows.  

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Maximum Daylight

Enjoy maximum daylight in your home, add value to your property, and give your home a striking new look with Bespoke Roof Lighting.

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Why Choose Ayrshire Agencies for Residential Projects and Services?

With many years of experience in carrying out jobs on residential premises, Ayrshire Agencies has the expertise and the know-how to handle any project.

Ayrshire Agencies make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

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Roof Lanterns and
Flat Rooflights

Allow light to flood in through the roof and bathe your living space in a natural warming glow. Select the roof lantern or flat rooflight that suits your home and taste.

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